How much life insurance do I need?
Determining your need may seem like a complicated process, but we make it easy with this simple to use Life Insurance Calculator. Please visit to see what amount you need!

What type of policy should I buy? Term or Permanent?
That answer depends on your family’s needs. Some people only need life insurance for a set period of time and other may have a need for insurance throughout their entire lifetime.

What are accelerated death benefits and how do they work?
Accelerated death benefits are additional benefits provided within a life insurance product that allow you to be the beneficiary of your own life insurance policy while you are still living!

What medical test will I need to take?
Most individuals will be required to submit a paramed exam that generally consist of a blood and urine sample. Vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, height, and weight are also taken. Depending on the product being applied for, a less invasive process may be available through accelerated underwriting programs for those who qualify.

Does it make sense to replace an existing policy?
It depends on your family’s needs and your financial goals. Other factors must also be considered such as changes in crediting rates. These changes can affect how long your policy will last. Our goal is to insure you have the right solution for you needs, which may include keeping your current policy.